Video: The Media Revolution

“It all started with the media revolution… with the Internet at the end of last century. Everything related to the old media vanished: Gutenberg, copyright, radio, television, advertisement.” *RSS readers will need to visit the site to be able to watch the video.

Top 50 Business Blogs

The Times Online released a list titled “The 50 Best Business Blogs.” There are many interesting blogs there that I had never heard of. Below you will find some of my favotires that made it to the list: Freakonomics Consumerist Fastlane (GM) Maverick (Mark Cuban) Seth Godin TechCrunch

On Life and Death, of Companies

We all accept that humans are born and die. Actually this is one of the very few things we accept for sure. Why, then, should people create a different belief regarding companies and organizations? The famous “Built to Last!” moto… Why? Why can’t companies just be conceived, do what they have to do (with excellence, … Continue reading On Life and Death, of Companies

Innovation Quotes: Corporate Strategy

One of the most important factors affecting the balance between in-house generated, and externally acquired, technology is the degree to which company strategy dictates that it should pursue a policy of technological differentiation or leadership. For example, Kodak distinguishes between two types of technical core competencies: strategic, i.e. those activities in which the company must … Continue reading Innovation Quotes: Corporate Strategy

20 Ways to Use Linkedin

Out of many social networking sites aimed at professionals, Linkedin is becoming the de facto standard. If you are not using it yet you might losing some opportunities. The Web Worker Daily, in fact, recently published an articled titled “20 Ways to Use Linkedin Productively.” The 20 points on the list are: 1. Increase freelance … Continue reading 20 Ways to Use Linkedin