20 Ways to Use Linkedin

Out of many social networking sites aimed at professionals, Linkedin is becoming the de facto standard. If you are not using it yet you might losing some opportunities. The Web Worker Daily, in fact, recently published an articled titled “20 Ways to Use Linkedin Productively.” The 20 points on the list are:

1. Increase freelance work
2. Find your dream job
3. Boost your business
4. Improve your Google results
5. Check references for potential hires
6. Get advice
7. Easy resume
8. Do research
9. Jazz up your profile
10. Get connections
11. Prep for an interview
12. Batch process messages
13. Increase your cred
14. Brand yourself
15. Find people
16. Help others
17. Get to know a company
18. Throw out a net when you don’t need it
19. Get publicity
20 .Market research