Books on technology

The role of technology on our society has been discussed widely. But is technological advancement the single, most important factor shaping our future? There is a very good article over the Neuromarketing blog titled “Futurehype: The Myths of Technological Change”. The article reviews a recent book with the same title by Bob Seidensticker.

Incremental and Radical Profits

It is not a novelty the fact that radical innovations generate more returns than incremental ones. Just to have an idea of the numbers there is a study from the INSEAD finding that 86% of all innovations are incremental, but they are responsible for generating only 30% of profits on the market. The large pie, over 60% of the profits, comes from the radical innovations, which account for only 14% of the total innovations.

First Mover Advantage Revisited

There is a lot of theoretical evidence supporting the model, but does this evidence emerge empirically as well? Not quite. Consider the markets for safety razors, disposable diapers, photographic film, laser printers, game consoles, VCRs, energy drinks, personal computers, internet browsers, operating systems, search engines, online bookstores, online auctions, VoIP services, and the list goes on.