Top 15 Most Innovative Countries

The Mental Floss blog has an interesting post commenting a recent study by The Economist Intelligence Unit aimed at finding the most innovative countries in the world. “The number of patents each country generated during those four years, per million people, was the primary method for determining the measure of innovation. As for the results? … Continue reading Top 15 Most Innovative Countries

IdeaConnection – A Trading Ground For Ideas

Inventions, Innovations, Patents, and Ideas – meet Web 2.0. is hoping to become a trading ground for ideas, new products, and innovation teams. No matter the industry, the age, or the experience, there is something for you to participate in. IdeaConnection facilitates individual and corporate innovation, ideas, and solutions by offering access to an … Continue reading IdeaConnection – A Trading Ground For Ideas

Thinkplace – Facilitating Innovation

For a company the size if IBM, innovation is everything.  Dell recognized the need to be more transparent in its product offerings, and IBM is following suit. Thinkplace, ‘a web application for facilitating innovation through idea generation, collaboration, and refinement,’ appears to be on the right track.  What Thinkplace does is provide a place for … Continue reading Thinkplace – Facilitating Innovation

Schumpeter: Prophet of Innovation

Joseph Schumpeter started analyzing innovation management more than seventy years ago, and his theories and ideas are still influential among academics and business men. Recently, in fact, Harvard Business School’s professor Thomas McCraw released a book titled “Prophet of Innovation: Joseph Schumpeter and Creative Destruction.” In the HBS Working Knowledge website there is an interesting … Continue reading Schumpeter: Prophet of Innovation

Design Thinking

As we approach Enterprise 2.0, it is becoming more and more transparent what exact role corporate intranets have in the ‘innovational’ sector. There is quite a bit of discussion about intranets being able to innovate, but I would argue the opposite. Programming and development is nothing more than a series of inputs and outputs. If … Continue reading Design Thinking

Service Innovation

According to a BusinessWeek article titled “Service Innovation: The Next Big Thing” the attention of managers and academics around the world are increasingly turning to this type of innovation. The latest demonstration was the creation of the Service Research & Innovation Initiative, which is backed by some tech giants like IBM and Oracle.

Innovation in Emerging Markets

What strategy should companies use to develop their products and services on emerging markets? Innovation, obviously, or so say the majority of executive across corporate boards. BusinessWeek published an article with a preview of a study by Delloit titled “Innovation in Emerging Markets”.

Is Innovation Mainstream?

Some authors, like Tom Peters, affirm that innovation peaked in popularity on the early nineties. Others argue that innovation is still widely discussed around the corporate boards, and that its importance will only grow as we move forward. Do you think the popularity of innovation is declining, stable or growing?