Huge Failures on the Internet

Ever heard about or Probably not, but that is because they emerged and disappeared from the Internet scene within a small time frame. Sure, there are many success stories out there like Facebook. What about failure stories though? We should talk about them more often! That is exactly what an article that I … Continue reading Huge Failures on the Internet

Trust and the Internet

Last week a famous Brazilian journalist received in his email box a study, supposedly supported by the NASA, claiming that the planet Mars was about to come very close to Earth, and that this represented a phenomenon that occurred only once every 70,000 years or so. Considering the study to be a scoop, the journalist … Continue reading Trust and the Internet

Video: The Media Revolution

“It all started with the media revolution… with the Internet at the end of last century. Everything related to the old media vanished: Gutenberg, copyright, radio, television, advertisement.” *RSS readers will need to visit the site to be able to watch the video.

Top 50 Business Blogs

The Times Online released a list titled “The 50 Best Business Blogs.” There are many interesting blogs there that I had never heard of. Below you will find some of my favotires that made it to the list: Freakonomics Consumerist Fastlane (GM) Maverick (Mark Cuban) Seth Godin TechCrunch