Innovation Quotes: Diversity

I am a New Economy fanatic. Thence a Creativity fanatic. Thence an Intellectual-Capital fanatic. Thence … a … DIVERSITY fanatic. Doest that mean I’m an Affirmative Action fanatic? Not necessarily. And in any case, that’s beside the point. What is the point? It’s really quite simple: Creativity and Great Leaps Forward come from… mix/match/mess. That … Continue reading Innovation Quotes: Diversity

Innovation Quotes: The Safety Razor

“Why don’t you invent something which will be used once and thrown away? Then the customer will come back for more.” This advice, from his boss William Painter, inventor of a disposable bottle-cap, haunted the 40-year-old salesman, King Camp Gillette, from Fond du Lac, Winconsin. In 1895 the vision splendid came as Gillette stood before … Continue reading Innovation Quotes: The Safety Razor

Innovation Quotes: Invention and Innovation

Invention is the creation of new products and processes throughout the development of new knowledge or from new combinations of existing knowledge. Most inventions are the result of novel applications of existing knowledge. Somuel Morse’s telegraph ,patented in 1840, was based on several decades of research into electromagnetism, from Ben Franklin to Orsted, Ampere and … Continue reading Innovation Quotes: Invention and Innovation