10 Emerging Technologies for 2007

The Technology Review website released its annual list of 10 emerging technologies. What are those? According to the website’s description “10 technologies we find most exciting and most likely to alter industries, fields of research, and even the way we live”. Below you will find each of the 10 technologies with a direct link to the article describing it:

Innovation in Emerging Markets

What strategy should companies use to develop their products and services on emerging markets? Innovation, obviously, or so say the majority of executive across corporate boards. BusinessWeek published an article with a preview of a study by Delloit titled “Innovation in Emerging Markets”.

Innovation Links – 24/03/2007

Image: The Last Parade by Iceman. NewsCorp and NBC reveal the YouTube killer The joy of righteous indignation Samgung patents an illustrated IM client for mobile phones Ignore what customers say, watch what they do

Web 3.0?

You probably have already heard about the semantic web. It basically refers to software and online platforms that will be able to learn how the user search, collect and organize information. As a result the semantic web will be able to interact with the users and provide content in a much more intelligent way.

How countries compete

What makes some countries grow faster than others? Why China was able to achieve such an outstanding development over the last decade? The Harvard Working Knowledge website published an interesting interview with Richard Vietor who wrote a book called “How Countries Compete”.

Innovation Links – 18/03/2007

Image by jigsawpuzzle. Online advertising: The big 4 get bigger Free is a tactic not a business model Cisco buys WebEx 4 risk points when implementing innovation Turning traffic into profits