Happy New Year

I will be taking a couple of days off, the articles and posts will return to normal schedule on January 2nd 2007. Happy new year to everyone and stay tuned in 2007!

Bubble 2.0

There are many people claiming that the current wave of venture capital funding and investments into Internet-based companies, most of them tagged with the term Web 2.0, could inflate too fast and explode just like the dot-com bubble back in 2000.

My new office

Two months ago I decided to quit my job inside a multinational company to pursue some entrepreneurial projects. Many people criticized my decision, arguing that at the age of 22 I lacked the necessary experience to succeed alone. Well, maybe I do lack the experience, but I can not imagine going back into the corporate world, the freedom I gained on the meantime is priceless.

5 Questions Interview

Jason recently tagged me with the “5 Questions Interview”, meaning that I will answer 5 questions about myself and then tag 5 other people that I would like to know more about. Below you will find the 5 questions:

2006 Thanks Giving

Innovation Zen was created back in July of 2006, and when I started it my only goal was to have fun and to share some of my ideas related to innovation management and business strategy. Despite the humble purpose the blog started gaining attention and today, only a couple of months later, Innovation Zen has reached almost 200 RSS subscribers and it is averaging 50,000 page views monthly.

9 Inventions that Edison did not make

Marketing plays a really large role on the realm of inventions and discoveries. The person who is attributed with the invention is not necessarily the one who first developed the concept but rather the one who market himself better. The Shuzak blog has an interesting article listing 9 inventions that Thomas Edison did not make, contrary to the popular belief.