Top 10 Creative Minds of 2006

The Fast Company website has listed the Top 10 Creative Minds of 2006. I must admit that I was familiar with only two of the people mentioned on the list, but most of the entries are worth a read. Below you will find the list, with a link to the individual stories:

1) Joane Ooi – Creative Director at Shangai Tang
2) Peter Diamandis – Founder of X Prize Foundation
3) Jim Wicks – VP of Design at Motorola
4) Scott Cowen – President of Tulane University
5) Homaro Cantu – Chef at Moto
6) Reverend Richard Cizik – Co-Founder of Evangelical Climate Initiative
7 & 8) Rosemarie Ryan and Ty Montague – Co-Presidents at JWT
9) Davic McQuillen – Customer Experience Consultant at Credit Suisse
10) James Hitchcock – VP of Marketing at Country Music Television

You can browse through the slides here.