Breakthrough ideas for 2007

The Harvard Business Review published their annual list titled “Breakthrough ideas for 2007”. The list usually covers insightful essays from established authors and experts around the world. The interesting thing about this year’s list is that HBS editors welcomed entries from the general public, and one of those entries were actually picked for publication. Below you will my favorite ideas…

The ROI of Blogging

Many people predict that blogs will invade the corporate world over the next years, and Forrester Research seems to embrace the idea. They recently released, in fact, a market research titled “The ROI of Blogging” where they outline the benefits, costs and risks of corporate blogs.

Top 10 Disrupters of 2006

The Forbes magazine published an interesting list called “Top 10 Disrupters of 2006”. Bear in mind that the entries on the list can not necessarily be classified as disruptive innovations according to Clayton Christense’s traditional term (despite the fact that Christensen was among the panelists who voted for the list). They are rather breakthrough ideas and initiatives that had an impact upon the economic or social landscape in 2006. According to the article “our disrupters aren’t just companies who played the game and won; they are people or technologies that changed the game completely.”

The Invention of the Laser

Albert Einstein stated in 1917 that it should be possible, by using light of a certain frequency, to stimulate an atom and force it to release its excess of energy in the form of concentrated light. This process was called “stimulated emission” and it was the beginning of the story behind the laser.

10 reasons why the iPhone might flop

Considering all the buzz that the iPhone generated we can assume that it will disrupt the mobile phone industry and make Apple hit the jackpot again, can’t we? Well, I would not be so secure about that. While I admire Steve Jobs’ initiative to invade a challenging business such as the mobile phone one, I think that Apple’s strategy has some flaws, and below I will outline each of them…

Random Thoughts on Being an Entrepreneur

Huge Macleod is the creative mind behind Gaping Void, and he recently published an intriguing article titled “Random Thoughts On Being an Entrepreneur”. The article has 26 points, and below you will find my favorite ones…