Emotional Intelligence

There was a lot of hype around emotional intelligence a couple of years ago. Is the concept obsolete? Hardly. Recently I came across an interesting article about emotional intelligence, outlining emotional competencies like self-awareness, motivation, empathy and social skills.

Innovation and talent in India

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, and its business leaders are determined to keep the engine working. Recently, in fact, they concluded the annual Leadership Forum to deal with the issues of innovation and scarcity of theme, specially on the IT industry.

Innovation Links – 24/02/2007

Measuring Innovation – How innovation can be measured to foster investments? (Forbes) Innovation: History and Geography – Another discussion about innovation and geographical factors (Sadagopan) Spaces Between Words – A trivial exercise that can promote your creativity (Creative Think) Google vs. Microsoft – What is all the buzz behind Google Apps? (Google Innovation)

Innovation Quotes: Different Mindset

“Management research confirms that innovative firms – those that are able to use innovation to improve their processes or to differentiate their products and services – outperform their competitors, measured in terms of market share, profitability, growth or market capitalization. However, the management of innovation is inherently difficult and risky: most new technologies fail to … Continue reading Innovation Quotes: Different Mindset

10 Questions with Michael Raynor

Michael Raynor is a consultant and and a very insightful author. He is the co-author of The Innovator’s Dilemma, which was written with Clayton Christensen as a follow-up to The Innovator’s Dilemma. Recently he published a new book called The Strategy Paradox where he tries to some companies fail despite crafting intelligent strategies and committing the necessary resources.

The Fast 50

Fast Company just released the sixth “Fast 50” list. Those are companies and initiatives that are supposed to write the history for the next 10 years. Below you will find the first 10:

Innovation Links – 17/02/2007

Every Saturday I will post the “Innovation Links” list picking the most relevant articles of the previous week. Topics will range from innovation to technology, business strategy and market. Innovation and Advertising – How do companies should advertise that they are innovative? (Endless Innovation) Pucker Up – How cosmetic companies are disrupting dermatologists. (Innoblog) Quantum … Continue reading Innovation Links – 17/02/2007