Trust and the Internet

Last week a famous Brazilian journalist received in his email box a study, supposedly supported by the NASA, claiming that the planet Mars was about to come very close to Earth, and that this represented a phenomenon that occurred only once every 70,000 years or so. Considering the study to be a scoop, the journalist … Continue reading Trust and the Internet

Innovation Links 21/08/2007

Blockbuster hits back: Netflix, an online movie rental company, has been disrupting Blockbuster’s business for quite some time already. Apparently Blockbuster is ready to heat things up with the acquisition of Movielink, a digital movie download service. Chrysler pursuing innovation: Could Robert Nardelli shake things up on Chrysler? The article also discusses the general problems … Continue reading Innovation Links 21/08/2007

Wear a suit to work? Not as smart as you think!

After graduating in International Economics in 2005 I went to work for a management consulting firm. It was a high profile company, so I needed to wear a suit every day. I remember that before getting started I went out shopping and spent around $2500 buying five suits and an endless number of shirts. Different … Continue reading Wear a suit to work? Not as smart as you think!

Top 15 Most Innovative Countries

The Mental Floss blog has an interesting post commenting a recent study by The Economist Intelligence Unit aimed at finding the most innovative countries in the world. “The number of patents each country generated during those four years, per million people, was the primary method for determining the measure of innovation. As for the results? … Continue reading Top 15 Most Innovative Countries