Innovation Quotes: The World is Flat

The flat-world platform is the product of a convergence of the personal computer (which allowed every individual suddenly to become the author of his or her own content in digital form) with fiber-optic cable (which suddenly allowed all those individuals to access more and more digital content around the world for next to nothing) with … Continue reading Innovation Quotes: The World is Flat

Pirates of Silicon Valley

Pirates of Silicon Valley is a half documentary half movie that describes the early years of Apple Computers, Microsoft, and their founders. The link points to a complete online version of the movie (although the screen dimension is reduced). If you have not seen it check it out, it is pretty interesting.

The Process Of Empowerment

Empowerment is defined as, “the process that provides greater autonomy to employees through the sharing of relevant information in the provision of control over factors affecting job performance.” Empowerment helps remove the conditions that cause powerlessness while enhancing employee feelings of self efficacy. It also authorizes employees to cope with situations and enables them to … Continue reading The Process Of Empowerment

Universities are adopting blogs

Universities around the United States are starting to adopt blogs in order to attract potential applicants. The Boston Globe published an article describing the trend: “Liu writes about her college experiences in as much excruciating detail as she wishes — for $10 an hour, courtesy of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s admissions office. Uncensored blogs … Continue reading Universities are adopting blogs

How To Gain And Keep The Initiative

The advantages of seizing the intiative are well documented throughout military history, as well as in countless buisness success stories. But how can you ensure that your organization gains, and keeps, the initiaitive? These are five effective steps to do this: Analyze the situation carefully Seek hidden opportunities and new solutions Act Now Act boldly … Continue reading How To Gain And Keep The Initiative

Google is busy again

Last Friday Google announced that it was acquiring Double-Click, an Internet advertising network. The price? $3.1 billion (remember that YouTube sold for $1,65 billion). Check the description of the company on Forbes: “Founded way back in the heyday of the first Web boom, DoubleClick is an 11-year-old company whose fortunes have risen and fallen along … Continue reading Google is busy again

Innovation Quotes: It is about the people again

In the field of innovation this theme is of central importance. It is clear from a wealth of psychological research that every human being comes with the capability to find and solve complex problems, and where such creative behavior can be harnessed amongst a group of people with different skills and perspectives extraordinary things can … Continue reading Innovation Quotes: It is about the people again

User Generated Content is Here to Stay

The Internet is democratizing the access to information, and people will not give up that right so easily. A recent survey by Accenture with executives from media and entertainment companies identified social media and user generated content as the main threat for those mainstream players.

10 Ways To Link Culture And Strategy

Oftentimes, changing business strategy around a fixed corporate culture is one of the hardest things a strategist has to do. The following is a list of ten elements that are most useful in linking culture to strategy: Formal statements of organizational philosophy, charters, creeds, mission and vision statements Designing physical spaces, facades, and buildings to … Continue reading 10 Ways To Link Culture And Strategy