2006 Thanks Giving

Innovation Zen was created back in July of 2006, and when I started it my only goal was to have fun and to share some of my ideas related to innovation management and business strategy. Despite the humble purpose the blog started gaining attention and today, only a couple of months later, Innovation Zen has reached almost 200 RSS subscribers and it is averaging 50,000 page views monthly.

The success comes mainly from the people reading the blog, linking to the articles, commenting and spreading the word. In order to express my sincere thank you below I will place a link to those people, there are some great blogs on the list:

Innovation Steknik, Orbit Change, Converstations, Viaspire, Brain Ticklers, Gizmo Cafe, Stellify, MaxBizAdvantage, Creative Think, Spread the Word, Roman Miles, Successful-Blog, Kinetic Shift, Know HR, CreativeMarketingMinds, Anton Chuvakin, Schaltzeit, Radical Hop, Innovation Weblog, Rothacker Reviews, Niblettes, WeblogArt, Mining Drug Space, Bryan C. Fleming, Dorai, Frogpond, HKC Events, Endless Gibberish, Return Customer, Surviving NJ, ProBlogger, FraudFiles, 2-Speed, 1st Million at 33, FutureLab, Silvio Meira, Authentic Eccentric, Exciting Commerce, Lauro Moura, What About Clients, Emergence Marketing, Seeds of Growth, Experience Curve, Rob Millard, Hannestreichi, Donor Power, Best Practice Business, BizInformer, HR Funda, Innovation Creators, Experience Planner, Shop Talk Marketing, Business Innovation Insider, Small Business Blogs, Future of the Web.

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