On Life and Death, of Companies

We all accept that humans are born and die. Actually this is one of the very few things we accept for sure. Why, then, should people create a different belief regarding companies and organizations?

The famous “Built to Last!” moto…

Why? Why can’t companies just be conceived, do what they have to do (with excellence, don’t get me wrong here), and die? This is as natural as it could be.

The day managers and shareholders learn this, the whole system will work more efficiently. Instead of bankruptcy we’ll see companies acknowledging that their mission is accomplished (or that they have no more means to accomplish it, so it is better to let it go). Things will be more… organic.

Quoting Tom Peters, “I’ve long said that Netscape is one of my favorite companies ever: Born, changed the world, and died … all in the space of 60 months. I’ll stand by that remark.”

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