10 Marketing Tips from Strippers

There is an interesting – let alone funny – article over the Wise Camel blog titled “10 Sales and Marketing Tips I learned from Strippers.” Check out the first point:

1. Give them something for nothing

“One of the first things a stripper will do is come up to you and flirt with you. She will likely sit on your lap or do something to raise your excitement level. For this, you have to do nothing. But you do get a sample of the service and if it is a good one, your chances of buying the service increases. This also applies to the dances they do on the stage.”

The other 9 tips are:

2. Understand your customers
3. Tailor the Sales Pitch
4. Make sure you are selling a great product/service
5. Provide Good Customer Service
6. Upsell
7. Closing Techniques
8. Target your audience
9. Persistence
10. Branding