January Roundup

Below you will find the most popular posts of January, check them out if you missed any:

Is Ambition the Mother of Innovation?
If necessity is the mother of invention can we say that ambition is the mother of innovation? The most famous inventions that our society witnessed appeared as solutions for specific problems. The train appeared when the chariots were no longer suitable for covering long distance travels. The telephone was developed as soon as people started living scattered across the country…

Why Starbucks is not present in Italy?
Considering such a huge success and the fact that Starbucks is entering most of the international markets (including western Europe, China, Russia, Brazil, among others) one can not help but question: “Why Starbucks is not present in Italy?”.

10 Reasons why the iPhone might flop
Considering all the buzz that the iPhone generated we can assume that it will disrupt the mobile phone industry and make Apple hit the jackpot again, can’t we? Well, I would not be so secure about that. While I admire Steve Jobs’ initiative to invade a challenging business such as the mobile phone one, I think that Apple’s strategy has some flaws, and below I will outline each of them…

Can Porn affect Innovation?
All those factors certainly helped JVC, but there is arguably another one, more obscure, that influenced the final result: the porn industry went with the VHS format. The early home video rental stores were responsible for part of Betamax’s decline, and those stores carried a lot of pornographic content.

Competitive Advantage: Responsiveness to Change
Have you ever noticed that in a matter of minutes after it starts raining the railroad or metro stations are already packed with umbrella vendors? The rain naturally boosts the demand for umbrellas, and those guys know that they must react as soon as possible in order to increase their profits.