Innovation Management Theory – Round Up

Back in July I started the Innovation Management Theory series. The objective was to cover the most important authors and theories around innovation within the business world. The core of the series is already complete with the 7 parts you will find below:

  1. Innovation and Schumpeter’s Theories
  2. Incremental vs. Radical Innovation
  3. Henderson – Clark Model
  4. S-Curves
  5. The Teece Model
  6. Abernathy – Utterback Model
  7. Disruptive Innovation

As I wrote in the first part of the series “despite the popularity we can say that innovation management is still an immature science. There is no dominant theory on the field and little agreement among managers and academics alike regarding what affects a company’s ability to innovate”.

The absence of a dominant view implies that we need to consider different theories for different situations, possibly using the insights gained in one model to complete the flaws of another.

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