Google-YouTube Wrap Up

google youtube deal The deal is finally closed. Google announced that it will buy YouTube for $ 1,65 billion. In my opinion this acquisition will have some large repercussions on the Internet. I will not write about it, though, because I think the subject has already been covered far and wide. Instead, I will put a collection of links to the best articles I could find analysing the deal. There you go:

Google’s Press Release

YouTube video: A message form Chad and Steve (the founders)

Mark Cuban: The Dramatic Decline of YouTube (before the deal)

GigaOm: Cuban is not crazy

Mark Cuban: I still think Google is crazy

CNN Money: Google to buy YouTube

NY Times: Google to acquire YouTube

Yahoo News: Google to buy video site YouTube

ZDNet: Mark Cuban “Only a ‘moron’ would buy YouTube”

Robert Scoble: What if Microsoft Bought YouTube?

Tech Crunch: Google has acquired YouTube

Digital Micro Markets: Google to buy YouTube Ad Traffic?

Wired Blog: Google (hearts) YouTube, what’s next?

ShoeMoney: 10 reasons why the Google YouTube deal makes sense

Tech Dirt: Google decides YouTube is worth legal hassles

Forever Geek: Google-YouTube: Maybe it does make sense