Nine failures for each success

What if I tell you that statistically after nine failures collected you will manage to hit one success? I mean, what if the success was granted after the failures? I guess you would start trying new things and new projects like there is no tomorrow. That should be the spirit (some time ago I covered it in the article “Innovation? It is all about failures“).

Scott Adams (the creator of Dilbert) just wrote a beautiful piece on the subject. In his own words: “I mention these stories because over the course of my life, every time I try something different or unlikely, someone says the equivalent of “don’t quit your day job”. When I venture into areas clearly outside of my expertise, I hear “You’re in way over your head” (…) somehow I have to square that seemingly good advice with the fact that I’ve so often been successful against long odds, especially when I’m in way over my head. In fact, that’s when I do my best work”.

Make sure you read the whole piece here.