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The Quest for Wireless Power Technology

Wires – the one stretch of material that makes the line between true mobility and the quest for plug-points. The search for wireless power solutions has been on for quite a while. Wikipedia tells us that the principles underlying the basis wireless energy transfer date back to 1825.
The advent of computing systems as our constant [...]

Nanochip Brings 100GB to a Single Chip

Memory has been getting more power efficient and faster with more bits for the buck. Nanochip, a start-up from Silicon Valley is developing a prototype based on IBM’s Millipede project.
An excerpt from ZDNet
The Nanochip design is a Micro-Electro-Mechanical System, or MEMS, device. A descendent of IBM’s Millipede device, it uses polarization instead of Millepede’s [...]

Harnessing Muscle Power for Portable Devices

Generating energy to power devices from muscle movements may just be the next big thing to make wireless mobility truly mobile. On one side there is the efforts on in the field of increasing the power capacity of batteries. At the same time there is immense research going on in powering devices by converting the [...]

Technology of Tomorrow Lies in Today’s Chipsets

For the innovations that have driven usability across the web and the proliferation of computing devices, the innovations on the silicon front have been critical.
It is the chipsets of today that showcase and drive the technological innovations on the computing front for tomorrow and Michael Copeland of CNN has brilliantly captured that in his brief [...]

Trends on the UI and Hardware Side

This past year saw a flurry of activities on the UI side from some of the biggest names in the tech industry. Now, innovation and research is a part of technology but what matters to consumers is how much of the innovation actually makes it to products.
Technology review has a great up write-up on the [...]

Back to the Basics: What is Biotechnology?

Biotechnology deals with the pieces of technology that are related with the biological aspects of our world. The biotechnology mainly contributes in the food science, medicine and agriculture sector. According to the definition in more technical terms, biotechnology is the modern science which contributes in the efficient utilization of biological processes and biological organisms.
In our [...]

Airlines Need to Wake Up and Embrace Technology

Now that I’m traveling by air more often, I’m frequently astounded by the inanities and bureaucratic nightmares of modern airlines. While I’m certain many share a disdain for airlines, I’m specifically annoyed at the ways they seem to go out of their way to appear technologically backwards. Take for example this AP report [...]

802.11n, What Is It?

802.11n is, simply, the new standard for wireless or WIFI. So what does this mean to you; well 802.11n will provide a better wireless signal over the current standard 802.11b/g.
Think of wireless like Playstation, at first Playstation was pretty cool, and then Playstation 2 came out. PS2 ran faster, had fewer flaws, and [...]

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