Technology of Tomorrow Lies in Today’s Chipsets

For the innovations that have driven usability across the web and the proliferation of computing devices, the innovations on the silicon front have been critical.

It is the chipsets of today that showcase and drive the technological innovations on the computing front for tomorrow and Michael Copeland of CNN has brilliantly captured that in his brief blog.

He talks about Wireless devices proliferating like never before, making synchronization of data across various portable devices a breeze. It is more of a reality than fiction and would require no computer to act as a middle-man.

By factoring in power requirements as well, hardware developers are creating chip packages that could fit in virtually any electronic device and take the advantages of wireless connectivity. Its ironic to think that all the while till now mobile computing was about hooking up to your phone connection or a local Wi-Fi access point. True mobility does refer to wire-free access anywhere ( think Intel’s WiMax plans).

And couple that together with wireless data transmission technologies such as Ultra Wide Band and you have immensely power technology waiting to sweep the mobile devices landscape.