The Quest for Wireless Power Technology

Wires – the one stretch of material that makes the line between true mobility and the quest for plug-points. The search for wireless power solutions has been on for quite a while. Wikipedia tells us that the principles underlying the basis wireless energy transfer date back to 1825.

The advent of computing systems as our constant companions, the miniaturization of electronics and the innovation on the power efficiency front have made it more and more probable to enjoy the true virtues of mobile computing. The last mile on this front is a total wireless power solution and Technology Review mentions on how the technology of resonant coupling may perhaps present the solution.

An excerpt from Technology Review

… phenome¬≠non of resonant coupling, in which two objects tuned to the same frequency exchange energy strongly but interact only weakly with other objects. A classic example is a set of wine glasses, each filled to a different level so that it vibrates at a different sound frequency. If a singer hits a pitch that matches the frequency of one glass, the glass might absorb so much acoustic energy that it will shatter; the other glasses remain unaffected.

There are currently solutions out in the market that do make wireless transmission quasi-wire-free. For example, there is the WildCharger pad makes charging devices as simple as putting them on a tray.

The following years do hold a lot a promise on this front and combined with equipped smart electronics, they could usher in an era where charging would no longer requires human intervention.