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10 Worst Job Interview Questions

The guys from Business Pundit compiled a list with the 10 worst job interview questions. According to them, these questions confuse, irk and offend the candidate. They are:

What interests you about our company?
Have you ever brought a lawsuit against an employer?
Why did you take the pen from me?
Can you work under pressure?
If you were a [...]

Steve Jobs Commencement Address to Stanford Alumni

I had already mentioned this speech a couple of months ago, but recently I managed to find that actual video of it. Steve Jobs delivered it in 2005 for a Stanford graduating class. It has some very insightful points, check it out.

This is the direct link to the video if somehow you can’t see it.

Top 10 Computer Driven Careers

Information technology is changing many things, and perhaps above all of them the workplace. Consider that one can not help but wonder what IT related careers are the fastest growing ones? Recently I came across an article on that answered exactly this question. The data was partially retrieved from research carried out by the [...]

Do You Really Need College Education?

Sometime ago we have already stated that MBAs are overrated. Guess what, today it is time to criticize college education!
Recently I came across another curious article listing 15 successful entrepreneurs who didn’t need college education. You can see a description for each of these entrepreneurs on the original article, and below you will find their [...]

The Worst Jobs for the 21st Century

Forbes recently published an interesting article titled “The Worst Jobs For The 21st Century.” What do you think they are? If you guessed federal agents, travel agents, journalists and radio announcers, you nailed it.
Here is a quotation from the article:
“What to avoid? The usual suspects. According to the projections by the U.S. government, manufacturing [...]

MBAs are Overrated

If you have been reading Innovation Zen for a while you probably know that I am skeptical about the value of MBAs (for the matter of fact I am also skeptical about the whole traditional education system, but that is for another article…).
Last week I came across an interesting article titled “Proof MBAs are [...]

Wear a suit to work? Not as smart as you think!

After graduating in International Economics in 2005 I went to work for a management consulting firm. It was a high profile company, so I needed to wear a suit every day. I remember that before getting started I went out shopping and spent around $2500 buying five suits and an endless number of shirts. Different [...]

20 Ways to Use Linkedin

Out of many social networking sites aimed at professionals, Linkedin is becoming the de facto standard. If you are not using it yet you might losing some opportunities. The Web Worker Daily, in fact, recently published an articled titled “20 Ways to Use Linkedin Productively.” The 20 points on the list are:
1. Increase freelance work
2. [...]

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