The Worst Jobs for the 21st Century

Forbes recently published an interesting article titled “The Worst Jobs For The 21st Century.” What do you think they are? If you guessed federal agents, travel agents, journalists and radio announcers, you nailed it.

Here is a quotation from the article:

“What to avoid? The usual suspects. According to the projections by the U.S. government, manufacturing jobs are expected to decline by more than 5% by 2014 as production moves overseas. Same goes for textile workers, such as sewing machine operators, who will see a 36% drop in employment. Technology will kill off more office positions, such as file clerks. They’ll see a 36% drop in their ranks by 2014. Digital cameras will zap the manual photo processing industry by about 30%. And that guy who comes around to read your electric meter? Expect to see a lot less of him, too.”

I think the Internet will be even more influential upon the world economy than what the article is predicting. If your skills, competencies and attitudes make you competitive in a global, flat environment, you win. If they don’t, you lose.

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