Do You Really Need College Education?

Sometime ago we have already stated that MBAs are overrated. Guess what, today it is time to criticize college education!

Recently I came across another curious article listing 15 successful entrepreneurs who didn’t need college education. You can see a description for each of these entrepreneurs on the original article, and below you will find their names (most of them need no introduction):

  1. Mary Kay Ash
  2. Richard Branson
  3. Coco Chanel
  4. Simon Cowell
  5. Michael Dell
  6. Barry Diller
  7. Walt Disney
  8. Debbi Fields
  9. Henry Ford
  10. Bill Gates
  11. Milton Hershey
  12. Steve Jobs
  13. Rachael Ray
  14. Ty Warner
  15. Frank Lloyd Wright

Do you think that college education is not essential? Personally I think that this would be an extreme view. I do agree, however, with the fact that the traditional education system is failing to adapt to our information based society. Time will tell.

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