7 Ways that Ego Can Kill Your Presentation

So you were invited to give a presentation on a conference or on a company meetup? That is awesome, but make sure that your ego will not ruin it. People commit those seven mistakes over and over again. Do you?

Job Seekers Start Here: 44 Resume Writing Tips

It would be hard to find a person that never needed to create a resume. I have been self-employed working as a web publisher for almost two years, and I still tend to keep mine updated.
Anyway, if you are in the process of creating one, or think your current resume could use some help and [...]

Making Mobiles More Pluggable and Modular

An Israeli start-up called Modu Mobi has brought a new mobile to the technology landscape that it believes will make people rethink the concept of mobile phones. The product is a bare bones phone that measures 0.3 inches in thickness and 1.5 ounces in weight.
An excerpt from Technology Review
This tiny phone, which is slightly larger [...]

10 Worst Job Interview Questions

The guys from Business Pundit compiled a list with the 10 worst job interview questions. According to them, these questions confuse, irk and offend the candidate. They are:

What interests you about our company?
Have you ever brought a lawsuit against an employer?
Why did you take the pen from me?
Can you work under pressure?
If you were a [...]

New Developments Could Make Organic Electronics Manufacturing Simpler

Miniaturization of electronic circuits has been one factor driving the drastic changes in the technology industry. The technique to squeeze smaller components into still smaller areas results in reduced form factors and more powerful yet smaller devices.
Organic electronics is one emerging field that is is very promising when it comes to continuing this trend of [...]

The Quest for Wireless Power Technology

Wires – the one stretch of material that makes the line between true mobility and the quest for plug-points. The search for wireless power solutions has been on for quite a while. Wikipedia tells us that the principles underlying the basis wireless energy transfer date back to 1825.
The advent of computing systems as our constant [...]

Yahoo NewsGlobe Links News With 3D Earth Map

Innovation at the search major Yahoo continues with recent unveiling of a mashup for news on a 3D map of earth as it happens around the globe. Dubbed NewsGlobe, the new feature that allows users to watch news on a three dimensional model of earth.
An excerpt from the PC Advisor on NewsGlobe
“For each story location, [...]

Nanochip Brings 100GB to a Single Chip

Memory has been getting more power efficient and faster with more bits for the buck. Nanochip, a start-up from Silicon Valley is developing a prototype based on IBM’s Millipede project.
An excerpt from ZDNet
The Nanochip design is a Micro-Electro-Mechanical System, or MEMS, device. A descendent of IBM’s Millipede device, it uses polarization instead of Millepede’s [...]

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