Job Seekers Start Here: 44 Resume Writing Tips

It would be hard to find a person that never needed to create a resume. I have been self-employed working as a web publisher for almost two years, and I still tend to keep mine updated.

Anyway, if you are in the process of creating one, or think your current resume could use some help and polishment, check out this very detailed article with 44 resume writing tips.

Here are the first 10 items:

  1. Know the purpose of your resume
  2. Back up your qualities and strengths
  3. Make sure to use the right keywords
  4. Use effective titles
  5. Proofread it twice
  6. Use bullet points
  7. Where are you going?
  8. Put the most important information first
  9. Attention to the typography
  10. Do not include “no kidding” information

So, for the rest of the resume writing tips, just check the article.

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