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If you are interested in technology and Internet news, I am pretty sure that you will like my new website, I have a team of writers there, and we’ll be focusing on Web 2.0, software, online marketing, open source and more.

Here is a quote from the first post there:

Back in 2004 Google carried out its initial public offering of shares, for a price of $85 a piece. A couple of weeks ago these same shares broke the $650 mark, shooting Google’s market capitalization to over $150 billion.

That is more than three times the value of General Motors and Ford combined. Even more interesting is the fact that Google does not sell products. It does not produce anything you can touch. It simply collects and organizes information. All the information.

What can we learn from this? Many things, but perhaps the most important one is the fact that the Internet is revolutionizing the way we communicate, live and work.

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