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7 Habits of Highly Innovative People

What makes someone innovative? Is it something that you are born with, or can you develop it over the time and with practice?
The guys from Think Simple Now decided to explore these questions, and they compiled a list with the 7 habits of highly innovative people. The first one is:
1. Persistence – Innovation involves more [...]

Breakthrough ideas for 2007

The Harvard Business Review published their annual list titled “Breakthrough ideas for 2007”. The list usually covers insightful essays from established authors and experts around the world. The interesting thing about this year’s list is that HBS editors welcomed entries from the general public, and one of those entries were actually picked for publication. Below you will my favorite ideas…

Top 10 Creative Minds of 2006

The Fast Company website has listed the Top 10 Creative Minds of 2006. I must admit that I was familiar with only two of the people mentioned on the list. Below you will find the list, with a link to the individual stories:

Brokering ideas

New ideas are certainly the currency of the new economy, and they are also the fuel for most innovations. Despite that importance, though, many people still associate the generation of ideas with a lone genius, sitting on his desk and coming up with new things from scratch.

7 Questions with Roger von Oech

Sometime ago I had the pleasure to start discussing with Roger about creativity. Since creativity and innovation are closely related I decided to ask him if he could answer a small interview (which ended up not being that small), and he kindly accepted.


If you are anything like me every now and then you spend some time wondering about what could be the future disruptive innovations, the new killer application, the next big thing!

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