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Innovation Quotes: Change and Emotion

“Behavior change happens mostly by speaking to people’s feelings. This is true even for organizations that are focused on analysis and measurement, even among people who think of themselves as smart in a MBA sense. In highly successful change efforts, people find ways to help others see problems or solutions in ways that influence emotions, [...]

Innovation Quotes: Invention and Innovation

Invention is the creation of new products and processes throughout the development of new knowledge or from new combinations of existing knowledge. Most inventions are the result of novel applications of existing knowledge. Somuel Morse’s telegraph ,patented in 1840, was based on several decades of research into electromagnetism, from Ben Franklin to Orsted, Ampere and [...]

Innovation Quotes: Windows

The only thing that I’d rather own than Windows is English, because then I could charge you two hundred and forty-nine dollars for the right to speak it.
Scott McNealy (Co-Founder of Sun Microsystems)

Innovation Quotes: The World is Flat

The flat-world platform is the product of a convergence of the personal computer (which allowed every individual suddenly to become the author of his or her own content in digital form) with fiber-optic cable (which suddenly allowed all those individuals to access more and more digital content around the world for next to nothing) with [...]

Innovation Quotes: It is about the people again

In the field of innovation this theme is of central importance. It is clear from a wealth of psychological research that every human being comes with the capability to find and solve complex problems, and where such creative behavior can be harnessed amongst a group of people with different skills and perspectives extraordinary things can [...]

Innovation Quotes: Competition

Competing head-to-head can be cutthroat, especially when markets are flat or growing slowly. Managers caught in this kind of competition almost universally say they dislike it and wish they could find a better alternative. They often know instinctively that innovation is the only way they can break free from the pack. But they simply don’t [...]

Innovation Quotes: Computers

Whereas a calculator on the ENIAC is equipped with 18,000 vacuum tubes and weights 30 tons, computers in the future may have only 1,000 vacuum tubes and perhaps weight only 1,5 tons.
Popular Mechanics, March 1949

Innovation Quotes: Discovery, Invention and Diffusion

Innovation consists of the technological, managerial, and social processes through which a new idea or concept is first reduced to practice in a culture.

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