Hottest Startups Outside the U.S.

CNN Money has an insightful list with 31 hot startus outside the U.S.. Most of them are following the “Web 2.0” trend,” and there is a strong bias towards online video. Below you will find my favorite companies from the list:

  • Joost: Joost could potentially change the way people watch television. The technology enables the broadcast of TV-quality video over the Internet, and allows people to stream real TV programs from networks like MTV and National Geographic.
  • Trivop: Trivop produces videos for hotels through a worldwide network of filmmakers, allowing travelers to virtually visit the hotels online before they book.
  • Babelgum: On the outside, Babelgum might seem like another online TV-viewing outfit, like Joost. Unlike Joost, Babelgum isn’t just moving mainstream television to the Internet. Instead, it is also offering niche programming, including independent and short films.
  • Stardoll: At Stardoll, users create their own dolls — or choose from the site’s ever-growing collection of celebrities — and dress them in virtual fashions.
  • Sky-click: Sky-Click uses Skype to connect businesses with freelance customer service agents, allowing small companies to cobble together a call center without any investment in infrastructure. Each agent costs only $10 per month. More than 7,000 companies have registered to use its services.

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