Eliminate the Boss. Maybe even the Leader!

Most of you probably know that I decided to quit my job inside a large multinational company 6 months ago. And I did it despite having worked there for only 1 year. Trust me though, it was enough to figure that I was not suited for the corporate environment.

But is anyone really suited for that? Sure we need social interactions. Some more than others. But is having a “boss” a natural thing? Sometimes, talking to friends that work for large companies, I realize that having a boss creates a negative impact on their lives. It hurts their self-confidence, their creativity. Overall it limits the freedom of thinking and acting.

Out with the bosses! Right. But what about the leaders? Some people could argue that, while bosses might create all the negative factors aforementioned, leaders are necessary to guide us. But are they really?

What if in the future we manage to create a society where every individual is an equally important part of the core? Where every individual is a leader in himself, yet willing to collaborate and interact with others in order to achieve synergies and build larger projects. Think about the cells in your body…