The Benefits of a Diverse Workforce

Companies all over the world are positioning themselves to adopt a more diverse workforce.  When I was at Pepsi, plans were in place to achieve diversification from about 10 years out.  They knew that there would be no ethnic majority by the year 2075, so they got the ball rolling early.

Here are 13 Benefits of a Diverse Workforce:

  1. Improves corporate culture
  2. Improves employee morale
  3. Leads to a higher retnetion of employees
  4. Leads to an easier recruitment of new employees
  5. Decreases complaints and litigation
  6. Increases creativity
  7. Decreases interpersonal conflict between employees
  8. Enables the organization to move into emerging markets
  9. Improves client relations
  10. Increases productivity
  11. Improves the bottom line
  12. Maximizes brand identity
  13. Reduces training costs

The thinking is that a workforce can be most effective when it mirrors the company’s clients and customers.  Online, it is no different.  Look at all the sites offering spanish versions of their sites..

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