How to turn a weakness into a strength

How do you turn a weakness into a strength? In one word: marketing. I had already read some stories about Arnold Schwarzenegger, but the one about his initial venture on the bricklaying business was new to me.

When Arnold first arrived in the United States he tried to make a living from bricklaying, but things were not going well despite the fact that he was charging low prices. The main problem was the fact that he was a foreigner.

What initially appeared to be a weakness turned out to be a key success factor when Arnold applied some marketing to his business. He decided to increase his prices above the competition and to market his services not as traditional bricklaying but rather as “Austrian Bricklaying”. This was by far more prestigious, and it was also compelling for the Los Angeles Customers.

Thanks for David Armano for sharing this story (click here to read his post). According to him the story teaches us that sometimes the best marketing involves exaggerating certain “truths”.

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