December Roundup

Below you will find the most popular posts of December, check them out if you missed any:

The Art of War is dead?
Since the beginning of the business administration science its theories were entangled with war analogies. One of the most mentioned books of the past decades, in fact, was The Art of War, written more than 2000 years ago by the Chinese general Sun Tzu.

Users, Purchasers and Influencers
Most organizations identify their customers as one single entity. If a certain company is producing miniatures of racing cars its customer is going to be boys aged between 3 and 12 years right? Well, it is right, but only to a certain extent. Those young boys are certainly the “users” of the product, but they are not the only people involved in the buying process. Apart from the “users” you will also have the “purchasers”, who in this case will probably be the parents and the “influencers” who could be the close friends or family.

Does Innovation imply Success?
Sometime ago I was reading through an MIT book about innovation and one of the definitions for innovation on the book was: “the successful exploitation of ideas”. While this definition could be true to a certain extent, I think that most people wrongly associate innovation with success.

The invention of the Transistor
Through out the first half of the twentieth century radio valves played an important role within electronic products. In 1947, however, scientists at the AT&T Bell Laboratories developed a device that would revolutionize the whole economy: the transistor.