Ghemawat on Globalization

The Harvard Business School Working Knowledge website has an interesting interview with professor Pankaj Ghemawat about globalization. Despite the popular belief that globalization is gaining traction in markets all around the world Ghemawat said that there is still little economic evidence for that.

The interview covered many aspects, from the competition of global products against localized ones to the historical cycles of globalization. Ghemawat also denied the fact that globalization contributes to industry concentrations: “Consider, for instance, the basic belief that globalization is increasing industry concentration—a belief that bridges both sides of the divide about whether globalization is good or bad. However, data on more than a dozen global/globalizing industries that Fariborz Ghadar of Penn State and I have assembled and analyzed indicate that in many of these industries, global concentration hit post-war highs in the 1950s but then declined rapidly in ways that overshadow relative stability more recently.”

You can read the full interview here.