November Roundup

Below you will find the 4 most visited posts of November, check them out if you missed any.

Why more people should consider quitting their jobs
This morning I woke up and, for the first time in a couple of years, I did not need to go anywhere. I was not in a hurry to have breakfast. I was not pissed off with the traffic. And you know what, it is a great feeling!

The definition of innovation
Probably there are as many definitions of innovation as the number of supposed experts on the field around the world. Reading through my books and papers, though, I realized that I had no comprehensive list of the many definitions I have ever being in contact with, therefore I decided to create one.

Design Myths
Design is starting to gain attention from corporations all over the world. The discipline itself is expanding beyond “form and look” to include processes and business strategy in general. Despite those trends, however, we still face several myths related to design. Below you will find three of them.

Brokering ideas
New ideas are certainly the currency of the new economy, and they are also the fuel for most innovations. Despite that importance, though, many people still associate the generation of ideas with a lone genius, sitting on his desk and coming up with new things from scratch.

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