Madrid airport

I am sitting at the Madrid airport as I write this. I know that you could care less but hey, those are the benefits of writing a blog, you can talk about your personal experiences once in a while. Unfortunately there was no direct flight from Milan to Sao Paulo so I was forced to get a connection through Spain.

Just to not make this post completely off-topic I can say that the Madrid airport is one of the most innovative I have ever entered… let me see if I can describe it:

The place is huge, not only horizontally but also vertically. The roof, sustained by long metal arms, is composed of small wood pieces organized in such a way as to create a continuum of waves. Every five meters or so you have a lighting device where a lamp is pointed upwards to hit a reflecting panel. The rooms are packed with large benches, there are so much of them that one would be able to grab a complete row form himself. The airpotrt even has it own subway to transport people across the different terminals, how cool is that?

Anyway, tomorrow we will be back with the standard articles on innovation and business strategy, stay tuned!