Best inventions of 2006

Time magazine just released a list of the best inventions in 2006. The first place went to YouTube, and here is Time’s reasoning: “Famous people have been embarrassed. Huge sums of money have changed hands. Lots and lots of Mentos have been dropped into Diet Coke. The rules are different now, and one website changed them: YouTube.”

Now, did YouTube really invented online video sharing? There were several other companies doing that already, YouTube just implemented online video sharing under a very efficient yet simple model. In my opinion, therefore, YouTube can be considered the best innovation of 2006 rather than the best invention.

Anyway, other winning inventions included:

  • the Tesla Roadster electric sports car
  • an infrared alcohol test that requires 60 seconds
  • a machine that creates superoxygenated water to clean food
  • an umbrella that dries with just one shake
  • a military robot develop for search-and-rescue missions

You can read the full article here.

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