Innovation Zen is a SOB

Last week Innovation Zen was officially recognized as a SOB, which stands for Successful and Outstanding Blog. The SOB project is maintained by Liz Strauss over the Successful-Blog.

In her own words: “When the SOB program started, I was looking for a way to encourage the sense of community that Successful-Blog stood for. We’re all about relationships and conversation here. The conversations are fun, fast, and sometimes irreverent. Discussions on the blog often brought up good ideas, and I wanted to make sure those ideas continued and become more out in the blogosphere–everyone making everyone a little bit better”.

Now, the Successful Blog is about to become 1 year old so I decided to participate in the contest it is promoting. Basically people need to come up with a definition for her blog in 25 words or less. Below you will find mine (the funny thing is that I came with exactly 25 words in the very first trial).

“What adjectives do people use to describe your blog? Nice, pleasant, somewhat interesting? Scrap it! Start reading the Successful-Blog and make your blog OUTSTANDING!”

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