Jason Calacanis Interview

Usually when I make reference to an external article or paper I use the adjectives “good” or “interesting”. Well, in this occasion they will not suffice. I just came across an outstanding interview with Jason Calacanis, co-founder of Weblogs, Inc (acquired by AOL).

Before that interview I had only heard small bits of information about him, but now I need to say that I respect the man as a true entrepreneur. I have actually listened to the interview twice, once for the sake of interest and the second time to extract some good quotes.

Below you will find some of those quotes, they speak for themselves:

“I think offices are good at creating two things: commutes and politics…the most creative people, the most talented people just don’t want to drag in there (offices), they hate it, they much rather work at one o’clock in the morning, two o’clock in the afternoon or whatever it is”

“for me the opportunity is finding people who just wanna work at home, who are really good and conscientious, and want somebody to trust them and pay them a big salary to work on their terms, cause those people will just get it done… as an entrepreneur that is all I really care about, you just want to get the things done”

“we were not the first people to do blogs (making reference to Weblogs, Inc.), we were there early but we were not first… being first does not mean that much, it is all about execution”

“failures… they all add up to lessons learned. I learned a lot, specially on the way down”

“the number one quality for an entrepreneur is resilience, because you are going to fail…”

“everything we do in western civilization is “don’t make a mistake”, people are so paranoid about making a mistake, you have to train people so that mistakes are not mistakes but opportunities to eliminate wrong actions”

You can  grab the full interview here and hit his blog here.