Corporate Blogging

Over the last years we have witnessed an invasion of blogs, wikis, podcasts and other communication innovations. Those are very powerful tools. They create interaction, stimulate discussion and promote the flow of information.

Despite the benefits, however, many corporations are still reluctant to adopt new forms of media. There is a good article over the Innovation Creators blog titled “Bloggers are dangerous”. According to the article executives in the first place are fearful about integrating blogs inside their companies. The questions they often raise are:

  1. What if the things people post in their internal blogs are wrong?
  2. Shouldn’t we vet every entry?
  3. What if the use of blogs spreads virally within the company?
  4. What if people want to start using other Web 2.0 tools, or different types of blogs?

The article also provides an answer for each question. Overall I think that it is not a matter of whether organizations will adopt those innovations or not, it is just a matter of when.

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