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Top 10 Marketing Trends

Marketing is changing a lot lately. Just think about blogs, social networks and the like. What should we expect for 2007 though? The Marketing and Strategy Innovation blog has a nice article covering the top 10 marketing trends for the coming years, here they are:

What do Google, Apple and Harley Davidson have in common?

Lets start with the last one. Someone who in 1986 invested $10,000 on Harley Davidson would find himself with almost $2 billion as of today. Quite astonishing for a motorcycle manufacturer right? Well, but are we really talking about a motorcycle manufacturer?

Managing Viral Marketing

There are many similarities between managing marketing and managing innovation in our fast paced, information based society. Marketers will need to revise their assumptions regarding how people interact with advertising just like managers will need to revise their assumptions regarding how customers adopt innovations.

Intelligent, Interactive and Converged Advertising

Male, 22 years old, dark haired. If I turn on the television or the radio, which combined account for the vast majority of ad spending, sooner or later I will come across the advertising of a disposable tampon, a denture adhesive and a shampoo for curly red hair.

Philips and the Quest for Simplicity

Have you ever been annoyed by the subscription cards that fall out of magazines? I guess most people have, they not only interrupt the reading experience but also force you to make an extra run to the trash bin. Incredibly, though, such cards still generate around 12% of magazine’s new subscriptions, no wonder editors stick them wherever they can.

Innovation and Unarticulated Needs

I do agree with the author to a certain extent, mainly with the idea that under some circumstances only companies are able to develop radical innovations. But that has to do with the fact that consumers often times are not able to articulate their needs, and they are not necessarily aware of what one could possibly do with current technologies.

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