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10 Marketing Tips from Strippers

There is an interesting – let alone funny – article over the Wise Camel blog titled “10 Sales and Marketing Tips I learned from Strippers.” Check out the first point:
1. Give them something for nothing
“One of the first things a stripper will do is come up to you and flirt with you. She will [...]

Branding the iPhone

Apple’s iPhone has been at the center of the stage for the last couple of months. One of the most discussed aspects of the overall strategy around the device is the branding.
Some experts argue that Apple did an outstanding job with the branding factor. A recent article over Forbes, however, challenges that argument.
According to [...]

How to turn a weakness into a strength

When Arnold first arrived in the United States he tried to make a living from bricklaying, but things were not going well despite the fact that he was charging low prices. The main problem was the fact that he was a foreigner.

The ROI of Blogging

Many people predict that blogs will invade the corporate world over the next years, and Forrester Research seems to embrace the idea. They recently released, in fact, a market research titled “The ROI of Blogging” where they outline the benefits, costs and risks of corporate blogs.

10 reasons why the iPhone might flop

Considering all the buzz that the iPhone generated we can assume that it will disrupt the mobile phone industry and make Apple hit the jackpot again, can’t we? Well, I would not be so secure about that. While I admire Steve Jobs’ initiative to invade a challenging business such as the mobile phone one, I think that Apple’s strategy has some flaws, and below I will outline each of them…

Why Starbucks is not present in Italy?

When Howard Schultz became the President and CEO of the Starbucks Corporation in 1987 the company was selling basically whole-bean coffees, and it counted dozens of stores across the United States. Less than 20 years later Starbucks is one of the most popular brands in America. It has more than 12,000 stores around the world, [...]

Free, as long as you watch my ads

There is a growing trend towards free products or services that are based on advertising revenue. Just think about all the Internet portals, Web 2.0 companies and the like. Some time ago Eric Schmidt (CEO of Google) said that mobile phones should also be free, and instead of charging mobile operators should place targeted advertising.

12 Consumer Values for Innovation

Understanding what the customer care about is a good starting point to innovate. The Logic+Emotion blog has a nice article outlining 12 consumer values to drive technology-related products and service innovations.

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