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Top 50 Business Blogs

The Times Online released a list titled “The 50 Best Business Blogs.” There are many interesting blogs there that I had never heard of. Below you will find some of my favotires that made it to the list:

Fastlane (GM)
Maverick (Mark Cuban)
Seth Godin

Guy Kawasaki’s New Venture

Guy Kawasaki recently started a new site called Truemors. Web 2.0 sites like this one are popping like bugs those days, but it is always interesting to watch the back stage of such a venture.
Guy, in fact, recently wrote a post titled “By the Numbers: How I built a Web 2.0, User-Generated Content, Citizen Journalism, [...]

Internet is Hurting the Porno Industry

It looks like the Internet is turning the table for the Pornographic industry. For some years it appeared that the World Wide Web would make adult content much more accessible. It did to a certain extent, but people are not willing to pay for it anymore. Quoting a recent article over the NY Times:

“The online [...]

Universities are adopting blogs

Universities around the United States are starting to adopt blogs in order to attract potential applicants. The Boston Globe published an article describing the trend:
“Liu writes about her college experiences in as much excruciating detail as she wishes — for $10 an hour, courtesy of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s admissions office. Uncensored blogs by [...]

Google is busy again

Last Friday Google announced that it was acquiring Double-Click, an Internet advertising network. The price? $3.1 billion (remember that YouTube sold for $1,65 billion). Check the description of the company on Forbes:
“Founded way back in the heyday of the first Web boom, DoubleClick is an 11-year-old company whose fortunes have risen and fallen along with [...]

User Generated Content is Here to Stay

The Internet is democratizing the access to information, and people will not give up that right so easily. A recent survey by Accenture with executives from media and entertainment companies identified social media and user generated content as the main threat for those mainstream players.

Web 3.0?

You probably have already heard about the semantic web. It basically refers to software and online platforms that will be able to learn how the user search, collect and organize information. As a result the semantic web will be able to interact with the users and provide content in a much more intelligent way.

Web 2.0 video definition

Michael Wesch, professor of Cultural Anthropology at the Kansas State University created an outstanding video to explain how the whole phonomenon started and where it is heading, check it out.

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