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Yahoo NewsGlobe Links News With 3D Earth Map

Innovation at the search major Yahoo continues with recent unveiling of a mashup for news on a 3D map of earth as it happens around the globe. Dubbed NewsGlobe, the new feature that allows users to watch news on a three dimensional model of earth.
An excerpt from the PC Advisor on NewsGlobe
“For each story location, [...]

Huge Failures on the Internet

Ever heard about or Probably not, but that is because they emerged and disappeared from the Internet scene within a small time frame. Sure, there are many success stories out there like Facebook. What about failure stories though? We should talk about them more often!
That is exactly what an article that I came [...]

PC Magazine Favorite 100 Blogs

The guys from PC Magazine recently published a list with their 100 favorite blogs. There are many similar lists around the Internet, but this one is not carrying the usual suspects. I came across some blogs that I had never seen, and they all look pretty interesting.
The list is somewhat biased towards the technology [...]

Information Age vs. Connected Age

I am not sure if we are already leaving the information age, but there is an interesting reflection on this matter over the GigaOM blog. On the article “From the Information Age to the Connected Age” they argue that changed on the Web will enable us to make that switch.
“The Information Age is the age [...]

Internet Marketing Masterclass

French Philosopher Descartes once said “Cogito, ergo sum,” which means “I think, therefore I am.” If this statement will ever mutate it will be something along the lines of “Google, ergo sum.”
The Internet is changing the way we communicate, work and live. It would be hard to find a business that will not be [...]

Trust and the Internet

Last week a famous Brazilian journalist received in his email box a study, supposedly supported by the NASA, claiming that the planet Mars was about to come very close to Earth, and that this represented a phenomenon that occurred only once every 70,000 years or so.
Considering the study to be a scoop, the journalist announced [...]

Facebook Fueling Car Sharing

The car sharing (or carpooling) idea is not new. About 100 million people drive back and forth to work every day on the United States alone. The energy that is used to transport one person could easily be used to transport four or more, creating huge environmental and economical gains.
In the past most car sharing [...]

Video: The Media Revolution

“It all started with the media revolution… with the Internet at the end of last century. Everything related to the old media vanished: Gutenberg, copyright, radio, television, advertisement.”

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