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Innovation in Emerging Markets

What strategy should companies use to develop their products and services on emerging markets? Innovation, obviously, or so say the majority of executive across corporate boards. BusinessWeek published an article with a preview of a study by Delloit titled “Innovation in Emerging Markets”.

Is Innovation Mainstream?

Some authors, like Tom Peters, affirm that innovation peaked in popularity on the early nineties. Others argue that innovation is still widely discussed around the corporate boards, and that its importance will only grow as we move forward. Do you think the popularity of innovation is declining, stable or growing?

Starbucks: disruptor or disrupted?

Sometime ago I already wrote about Starbucks, outlining my theory about why the giant coffee house is not present in Italy (click here to read). Looks like Starbucks it not passing a good moment after an internal memo leaked into the blogosphere (click here to read the memo). Basically the memo outlines Howard Schultz’ fears [...]

Innovation and Geography

Does geographical locations play an important role upon innovation? Certainly, and the New York Times recently published an article outlining why phenomena like the iPod, Google or eBay could only happen in Silicon Valley.

Innovation, back to the basics

There is a very interesting article over BusinessWeek outlining the hype that the innovation term has gained lately. Most of the companies around the world are declaring that innovation is a building block of their strategy, but few of those companies actually grasp the true dynamics of innovation.

Innovation through Collaboration

Mass collaboration and open innovation models are widely employed on “new economy” segments. Just think about Linux and the open source phenomenon or companies like and IBM that created products with the inputs of large third-party developer communities.

Innovation and Economic Prosperity

Last December the UK Design Council held in London the Competitiveness Summit 2006, with the main purpose of evaluating the implementation of the Cox Review of Creativity in Business. The CoxReview, published in November 2005, had a series of guidelines to foster creativity and innovation in UK.

Can Porn affect Innovation?

All those factors certainly helped JVC, but there is arguably another one, more obscure, that influenced the final result: the porn industry went with the VHS format. The early home video rental stores were responsible for part of Betamax’s decline, and those stores carried a lot of pornographic content.

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