Innovation and Economic Prosperity

Last December the UK Design Council held in London the Competitiveness Summit 2006, with the main purpose of evaluating the implementation of the Cox Review of Creativity in Business. The CoxReview, published in November 2005, had a series of guidelines to foster creativity and innovation in UK.

Top 10 Disrupters of 2006

The Forbes magazine published an interesting list called “Top 10 Disrupters of 2006”. Bear in mind that the entries on the list can not necessarily be classified as disruptive innovations according to Clayton Christense’s traditional term (despite the fact that Christensen was among the panelists who voted for the list). They are rather breakthrough ideas and initiatives that had an impact upon the economic or social landscape in 2006. According to the article “our disrupters aren’t just companies who played the game and won; they are people or technologies that changed the game completely.”

Innovation lessons learned in 2006

A couple of weeks ago I announced that Chuck Frey was collecting “innovation lessons learned in 2006”. The Innovation Tools website already published the result, with almost 60 answers. Below you will find the most interesting ones (in my opinion):

Is ambition the mother of innovation?

If necessity is the mother of invention can we say that ambition is the mother of innovation? The most famous inventions that our society witnessed appeared as solutions for specific problems. The train appeared when the chariots were no longer suitable for covering long distance travels. The telephone was developed as soon as people started living scattered across the country. When the steam engine was no longer able to sustain the growing necessity for energy man came up the explosion engine based on fossil fuels.

Innovation and Baseball

Clayton Christensen just published an interesting article over Forbes magazine titled “An Innovation Home Run”. According to Christensen the major innovation is coming from the deeper connection that clubs are building with their core baseball consumers.