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Innovation Links 21/08/2007

Blockbuster hits back: Netflix, an online movie rental company, has been disrupting Blockbuster’s business for quite some time already. Apparently Blockbuster is ready to heat things up with the acquisition of Movielink, a digital movie download service.
Chrysler pursuing innovation: Could Robert Nardelli shake things up on Chrysler? The article also discusses the general problems of [...]

Innovation Links – 12/06/2007

Who from the West is doing well in China?
Is Health Care Making You Better – or Dead?

Wii Will Rock You: How Nintendo Beat Sony
Quality Innovations at Ford

Deeper Thoughts on Leadership and Innovation

I just stumbled across a list of white papers and research papers that might be of interest:

The Ten Faces of Innovation, by Tom Kelley.
The Power of Ordinary Practices, chat with Teresa M. Amabile
The Way of the Innovation Leader, from New and Improved
Building Innovative Teams, from New and Improved
Good to Great article in Fast Company, by [...]

Innovation Links – 05/04/2007

What is the impact that globalization will have upon the U.S. labor market? Is the democratization of design a bad or a good thing? Is Steve Jobs playing with DRM? What about Green Fuel technologies? The answer for those questions are contained on the links below, some interesting readings check it out:

Blindness to the Deep [...]

Innovation Links – 24/03/2007

Image: The Last Parade by Iceman.

NewsCorp and NBC reveal the YouTube killer
The joy of righteous indignation
Samgung patents an illustrated IM client for mobile phones
Ignore what customers say, watch what they do

Innovation Links – 18/03/2007

Image by jigsawpuzzle.

Online advertising: The big 4 get bigger
Free is a tactic not a business model
Cisco buys WebEx
4 risk points when implementing innovation
Turning traffic into profits

Innovation Links – 09/03/2007

Google Apps Ready for Disruption
How to avoid ‘boomerang innovation’
Blurring the line between real life and games
Change Viewpoints
The Economics of Online Advertising

Innovation Links – 24/02/2007

Measuring Innovation – How innovation can be measured to foster investments? (Forbes)

Innovation: History and Geography – Another discussion about innovation and geographical factors (Sadagopan)
Spaces Between Words – A trivial exercise that can promote your creativity (Creative Think)
Google vs. Microsoft – What is all the buzz behind Google Apps? (Google Innovation)

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