Amazing 3D Sound

I had heard about 3D sounds (also known as binaural recording) before, but the audio file contained on this link, called Virtual Barbershop, is the first time I experienced it. Let me tell you, it is just amazing. Make sure to grab a good pair of headphones, close your eyes, and enjoy!

Innovation Zen is recruiting New Writers

Regarding the recruitment of new writers, you can get in touch with us through the Contact Form. Do you have passion for innovation, business strategy, technology or marketing? If so do not hesitate to submit your articles, should they get published we will include a small bio of yourself and a link to your blog or website.

A Model Of Global Innovation

Optimize has a great article on Global Innovation. More notably, how IBM has leveraged the venture capitalist group in order to anticipate innovation. “We spent a year determining how best to address this emerging opportunity and ultimately decided that building an ecosystem of partners—working together rather than in competition—would be essential to our success in … Continue reading A Model Of Global Innovation

10 Emerging Technologies for 2007

The Technology Review website released its annual list of 10 emerging technologies. What are those? According to the website’s description “10 technologies we find most exciting and most likely to alter industries, fields of research, and even the way we live”. Below you will find each of the 10 technologies with a direct link to the article describing it:

How countries compete

What makes some countries grow faster than others? Why China was able to achieve such an outstanding development over the last decade? The Harvard Working Knowledge website published an interesting interview with Richard Vietor who wrote a book called “How Countries Compete”.