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Review: Handy Recovery Software

Ever experience a power failure that made you lose a precious document that you were working on? What about files or programs that get deleted accidentally (sometimes not even by yourself if you share a computer…)? Those are quite annoying, but with the right software you should be able to overcome such hassles.

Handy Recovery [...]

Innovation Quotes: Corporate Strategy

One of the most important factors affecting the balance between in-house generated, and externally acquired, technology is the degree to which company strategy dictates that it should pursue a policy of technological differentiation or leadership. For example, Kodak distinguishes between two types of technical core competencies: strategic, i.e. those activities in which the company must [...]

Amazing 3D Sound

I had heard about 3D sounds (also known as binaural recording) before, but the audio file contained on this link, called Virtual Barbershop, is the first time I experienced it.
Let me tell you, it is just amazing. Make sure to grab a good pair of headphones, close your eyes, and enjoy!

Are you trying to improve your writing skills?

If so you should check my new blog, Actually I think that the answer for the question above is “Yes” for the majority of us. That is why I decided to create a blog focused on simple yet effective writing tips.
Like it or not people will judge you by the quality of your writing. [...]

Ten Reasons Why PR Does Not Work

Guy Kawasaki has an interesting post covering 10 reasons why PR deals might not work, check it out:

The client doesn’t understand the publicity process.
The scope of work is not detailed and agreed upon by both parties.
The client has not been properly trained on how to communicate with the media.
The client and the [...]

Creative Writing for the Rest of Us

Over at Daily Writing Tips, one of my blogs, we just published a very detailed article about creative writing. What is it all about? Here is a definition:

Creative writing is writing that expresses the writer’s thoughts and feelings in an imaginative, often unique, and poetic way.
So if you would like to know more about [...]

Building an Innovation Team

Oftentimes, in both corporate structures and small business, it is necessary to build teams to accomplish one thing or another. This is equally true in innovation. The thought is when you have a team, the collective experience of all of those people will be greater than just one individual.
I want to take a [...]

Innovation Zen is recruiting New Writers

Regarding the recruitment of new writers, you can get in touch with us through the Contact Form. Do you have passion for innovation, business strategy, technology or marketing? If so do not hesitate to submit your articles, should they get published we will include a small bio of yourself and a link to your blog or website.

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